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water purification for the healthcare sector

Whitewater is a leading supplier of water purification systems in Healthcare in the following areas:

water purification for the healthcare sector
  • Haemodialysis
  • Sterile Services

  • Endoscopy

  • Laboratory

  • Filtration and Secondary Disinfection

Whitewater offer the Design, Installation and Service of compliant systems that form an integral part of the operation of critical environments throughout the healthcare setting. The systems that Whitewater provide are designed to offer the maximum redundancy in order to ensure that purified water is constantly and consistently supplied to each critical area. With a patient first ethos the Whitewater service team provide 24/7 support to guarantee that each healthcare system is operating effectively and efficiently.

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Whitewater are the largest supplier of RO water systems for endoscopy suites in Ireland, providing purified water for washing and final rinsing to automated endoscope reprocessors (AER’s). The high quality and compact ‘Plug and Play’ unit is easy to install. Unlike some other systems, the Whitewater RO does not require additional feed pumps as the unit can operate with low pressure. In most cases softening is not required, avoiding the need to take up additional space with separate water softener units.

Designed to meet HSE Code of Practice for Decontamination of RIMD, HTM 01-06 and EN ISO 15883 – 1 & 4.

Whitewater Endoscopy – Fully Automated Validated Hot Disinfection Programme

  • The Whitewater Endoscopy unit is designed for ease of use by hospital staff and incorporates state of the art hot disinfection (85°C), the recognized best method for disinfection and sanitisation.
  • Fully automatic controls for daily thermal disinfection at the beginning of each day.
  • Guarantees consistent compliance with endotoxin and TVC requirements.
  • No chemicals are used:
    – no chemical handling
    – no chemical storage
    – no chemical compatibility issues
    – no chemical disposal
  • Lower operating costs than chemical.
  • Mimics the thermal disinfection cycle of the AER to provide consistently secure water source.
  • Standard Units for 300l/hr and 500l/hr.
  • Centralised systems for larger suites, say more than 3/4 AER’s

We understand the importance of preventative maintenance and service for validation in the hospital environment. Because hospitals are involved in ‘critical care’, it is essential that equipment items that are in the ‘critical path’ are regularly serviced and maintained.

We provide on going support services to ensure that your water systems remain at peak efficiency. All engineers operate to the ISO 9001:2008 standard of quality assurance. We offer full contract maintenance for your systems and can also advise on training for your own staff in data logging and routine maintenance of consumables.

We offer a 24/7 on-call emergency service for hospitals who take out our 12 month service contracts and whose systems are regularly maintained by Whitewater.

Water purification used for a Haemodialysis machineWhitewater supply most of the major hospitals in Ireland with purified water for haemodialysis. The quality of purified water is vital in this medical application, where purified water makes up more than 99% of the dialysate. The dialysis patient’s health is directly related to the water quality, their blood being cleaned with up to 25,000 litres of dialysate per year.

The Herco units supplied by Whitewater produce water to the Ultrapure Standard as per the Renal Association Guidelines which exceeds the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 13959:2009 standards. In addition to readily achieving the above standards and guidelines, all Whitewater/Herco RO system comply and are certified to Medical Device Directive No 93/42/EWG.

The Whitewater standard system includes:

  • Pre-treatment – multimedia and carbon filtration, organic scavenging and softening Double pass RO units in series configuration but duty/standby for emergency use.
  • Ringmain Loop in ‘Clean PEX’, the recognized best pipework material for dialysis water loops.
  • Double hose system for connection from wall outlets to dialysis machine guaranteeing no dead legs when machines are not in use or disconnected.
  • Variable speed drive pumps are used for booster pumps and RO’s, regulating pump speed and output to match demand thus reducing energy consumption when demand is low.
  • Central concentrate supply system to deliver the concentrate to the media panels via ring main distribution system.
  • Systems for 6 patient points to 120 patient points with DPRO units from 750l/hr to 3500l/hr certified to MDD No. 93/42/EWG.

Whitewater provide water purification systems for Hospital Sterile Services (CSSD) for washer/disinfectors and Hospital Services Decontamination Unit (HSDU). The systems for CSSD/HSDU provides the benefits of a secure and continuous supply of pre-heated water (65ºC) to the washer/disinfectors, minimising washer disinfection times, with daily automatic hot disinfection to 85 ºC.

Systems conform to the latest regulatory standards HSE RIMD 2010, CFPP01- 06 and EN ISO/FDIS 15883 1 & 4


The Whitewater CSSD unit also has the option to supply cold RO water for the other washer cycles. With this additional feature, a single unit can also provide water for both Sterile Services and Endoscopy, making valuable cost and space savings especially in new-build situations.

Standard packaged skid mounted units, comprising:

  • Pre-treatment, softening and filtration.
  • Reverse Osmosis – 300l/hr -500l/hr single pass RO unit.
  • Recirculation skid, 300l/500l 316L stainless steel tank, heating elements and recirculation pumps.
  • Ultrafiltration – 0.03 micron ultrafilter membrane.
  • Distribution Pipework System – clean ‘Pex’ pipework and fittings 20mm-32mm.

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