Project Description

Altnagelvin Hospital Northern Ireland

thermal disinfection for endoscopy RO

Altnagelvin Hospital forms part of the Western Trust Group of hospitals and is located in Derry City, Northern Ireland. An acute hospital with Dialysis, CSSD and Endoscopy departments among others. In May 2011 when Altnagelvin Hospital were setting up a new Endoscopy suite they selected a thermal disinfection RO unit from Whitewater for the water treatment requirements for their Endoscopy washers.

Russell Doherty, Decontamination Engineer at Altnagelvin Hospital, Co Derry spoke about the problems of using chemicals in water purification for Endoscopy and his move to change over to the alternatives offered by thermal disinfection. “We had become increasingly concerned over the high use of a variety of chemicals in our processes to control water quality for use in our endoscopy decontamination units and which still showed inconsistency in the results from this chemical disinfection.” “Whereas thermal disinfection treats everything consistently and reliably.” “In particular for purified water for our automated endoscopy reprocessors, (AER’s) we were looking for an alternative to chemical dosing and knew that thermal disinfection worked extremely well in our dialysis systems and in Sterile Services. We have already been using this method of disinfecting feed water in these areas very effectively for some time.” “We had the go ahead to install a new water purification system for our Endoscopy unit this year and chose to use an automated RO thermal disinfection system from Whitewater, which disinfects the entire loop ring main with hot water to 85°C.” Combining the use of ‘Clean Pex’ pipework for the recirculation loop and hot water disinfection at 85°C reduces the risk of biofilm build up and ensures the highest quality of water to AER’s. Since the installation, the RO water test results have been consistently meeting the standards, with total colony count (TVC) <10cfu/100ml and endotoxins 0.25 eu/ml.

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