Project Description

Blackrock Clinic Dublin



Blackrock Clinic is the leading and longest established private hospital and clinic in Ireland. Since it opened in the mid 1980s, the Clinic has consistently built an unparalleled reputation in new high-tech surgical procedures, medical treatments and ground-breaking diagnostics. This reputation means that some of the best international and Irish consultants work at Blackrock Clinic.

In 2011 a new Sterile Services Department or CSSD was built as part of the new hospital extension on the Blackrock campus. As part of this plan a new RO system was required to provide purified water for the CSSD compliant with all current regulatory standards.


The hospital specified a duplex system of water purification and ringmain pipework system, which provides 100% duty/standby arrangement. The duplex system guarantees a continuous supply of high purity water to the CSSD equipment. The system was fully commissioned and handed over in March 2012 and is now more than a year and half operational.

The quality of a pure water supply to washer/disinfectors, autoclaves which wash, disinfect and provide final rinse water for the surgical instruments before they are sterile packed, is critical to these safety levels and subject to the strictest of water standards.

Compliance with endotoxin, microbiology and TVC levels create standards which must be guaranteed every time an instrument is used.

The system provides purified water at a constant 60°C to inhibit bacterial growth and to minimise washer disinfector cycle times. Heating can be either steam or electric (normally electric as in this case) with the automatic disinfection cycle raising the water temperature to 85°C normally carried out on a daily basis.

The Whitewater system comprises a pretreatment section, with water softening and carbon filtration. Then duty/standby RO units feed into 316L stainless steel pure water (PW) tank with distribution to the washer disinfectors and autoclaves. Variable speed drive (VSD) pumps were specified to meet the fluctuating demands within CSSD.

The Blackrock Clinic values energy saving, VSD pumps conserve energy by exactly matching demand to duty, consistent with the hospital’s policy.

The distribution loop was installed in ‘clean Pex’ pipework, now becoming the material of choice for high purity water applications in healthcare applications. The Whitewater Medical 600/500 Duplex RO System supplies purified water to the ‘clean PEX ‘loop constantly recirculating to 3 Getinge 88 Turbo washer disinfectors and 3 Getinge 6617 Turbo autoclaves within the CSSD.

Despite some access difficulties, requiring careful hoisting of the skids through restricted openings the plant installation was completed on time and within budget.

Water quality compliance with the regulatory standard HTM 01-01 and ENISO 15883-1 and 4 was part of the validation process and has been maintained consistently since then.