Project Description


upgrades to the existing water treatment plant


Client: Danone
Location: Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland
Date: 2018
Project: Design, Installation and Commissioning of a 25m3 water purification system

Details: Due to the increase in production on site in Danone, an upgrade to the existing water treatment plant was required to deliver 25m3 ultra-pure water used for infant formula production.


Whitewater upgraded the water pre-treatment through ion exchange followed by the supply and installation of a 25m3/hr Reverse Osmosis (RO) treatment plant. The new RO system guarantees the full redundancy essential to the 24 hour operation on this site, with twin stream configuration for both RO units and their associated pre-treatment. Both RO streams can operate independently, as duty/standby, or duty assist with control via a Siemens HMI PLC.

A feature of the new RO unit is the Eurowater RO-PLUS system allowing up to 90% recovery of the RO waste water both providing water savings and significant reduction of waste water disposal volumes. Also by utilising low energy RO membranes results in reducing energy consumption significantly. The RO-PLUS was retrofitted to the existing RO plant maximising the benefits across the entire system. Combined these features provide a reduced carbon footprint for this plant.


Handover of a validated, fully operational plant to Danone was achieved on time and within budget.

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