Project Description

Ward & Burke

iron & manganese removal and disinfection


Client: Irish water
Main Contractor: Ward & Burke
Location: Kilmessan Co. Meath, Ireland
Date: 2019
Project: Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Iron & Manganese filtration and disinfection package

Details: The Kilmessan water supply is from a ground water / borehole source with elevated levels of iron and manganese outside the MAC in the current EU Drinking Water Standards and IW specifications.


The Whitewater system consists of 3 No. automatic pressure filters with manganese dioxide media, each rated for 12.5m3/hr, in a duty/duty/standby configuration. Upstream of the filters, sodium hypochlorite is dosed for oxidation of the manganese dioxide media. A validated UV disinfection unit is installed downstream of the pressure filters for Crypto treatment followed by chlorine dosing for further microbiological control. A high level of instrumentation was required, namely chlorine, turbidity, flow and UVT monitors to ensure treated water is of the highest quality to the consumers.


Following successful commissioning and validation of the system, it was handed over to the main contractor as a fully functioning plant delivering high quality drinking water in compliance with IW specifications to the Kilmessan area consumers.

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