Project Description

University Hospital Limerick

renal dialysis water purification system replacement


Client: University Hospital Limerick
Location: Dooradoyle, Limerick, Ireland
Date: 2017
Project: Design, Installation and Commissioning of a Renal Dialysis Reverse Osmosis water purification system.

Details: A new Emergency and Renal Dialysis Department building was proposed on the University Hospital Limerick campus to upgrade the existing facilities.


Whitewater were awarded the tender to replace a 30 year old existing renal dialysis water purification system with a new Reverse Osmosis (RO) system compliant with current ERA guidelines for ultrapure dialysis water.

Whitewater designed a system to supply 37 points of use, using double pass RO units to supply 3500 LPH to a 32mm Cleanpex ringmain loop. Both the ringmain loop and the double pass RO units are automatically disinfected with 85°C hot water. A gravity fed central concentrate system was installed to supply two concentrates to each bedhead point of use.

As part of the design brief, a number of energy and water saving features were incorporated, e.g. the double pass RO uses internal recirculation achieving up to 90% recovery, providing significant water saving and waste water reduction. The use of VSD motors on all pumps also results in long term energy savings.


Following a successful validation period and handover to the hospital, the Whitewater RO system now provides ultrapure dialysis water which is of the highest quality to the patients in the dialysis unit.

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