Liz Nangle MD at WhitewaterI’m delighted to announce the news that we have appointed Liz Nangle as the new Managing Director of Whitewater as of 1st November 2014.

Both Mark and I as the owners of the company know that Liz is eminently qualified to take on this role and drive the business forward to its rightful position as Irelands No1 Company in the Medical Water Sector. Her energy and dynamism will ensure that this will be to the benefit of all of us who work in this very special company.

Liz has spent the last 10 years, working and learning this business from the bottom up, and has worked wonders with her previous positions, and inspired her staff to grow and learn, we have no doubt that she will use the same energy, drive and ambition to lead this company to new heights of success.

Well done Liz !!!

Tim Quinn
Executive Director