Whitewater Crumlin skydive


Team Whitewater, Liz Nangle, John Kelly, Samantha Moran and John Murphy along with many supporters of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and our friend Gerry Cully in CMRF teamed up with the Irish Parachute Club to attempt a record 100 tandem jumps in 1 day on 21st of May. We were four tandem passengers along with our tandem masters taken up in the one load.

We had training for around 15 to 20 minutes. Our assigned tandem master briefed us on all phases of our jump … The flight took us up to altitude which took approx. 15-20 minutes…. It took a lot less time to come back to the ground!!!!

As we left the aircraft with our heart thumping “Here goes!!!” The wind started to rush into your ears as we accelerated to ‘terminal velocity’ at around 120mph; experiencing the thrill of freefall over the most stunning of sceneries on the way to 5,000ft the tandem master then opened the giant canopy as we glided to the ground. .What an amazing experience and your fantastic donations still coming in…